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Contingency Planning

Bombings, kidnaps, strikes, earthquakes, floods, civil unrest. Hotels worldwide can be affected by such phenomena and as a result all are vulnerable.

Reputation damage to a hotel company through a critical incident can be catastrophic and can threaten the company's very ability to operate. That is unless prior planning has taken place. This planning is referred to as "Contingency Planning", i.e. planning for a contingency, which can be defined as "an event that may occur in the future". In the event of a security incident or crisis, an organisation needs formulated policies and plans to guide the protective response.

MJ FINCH Contingency Planning Services

MJ FINCH can design Contingency Plans for hotel operators that will:

  • Either reduce the chance of a security incident or crisis happening;
  • Or in the event of a security incident or crisis occurring, then the plans will guide a response that will reduce the damage caused and facilitate a swift return to business operations

Where clients already have Contingency Plans in place, our consultants' experience qualifies them to review the plans and make recommendations for improvements. We also work with clients to test their crisis management preparedness, allowing Contingency Plans to be modified to take account of lessons learned and emerging threat factors.

MJ FINCH Security Consultants can:

  • Develop and Update Contingency Plans
  • Identify and establish Crisis Management Teams
  • Test Contingency Plans through drills and exercises
  • Train personnel
  • Provide ongoing support
  • In the event of a crisis, MJ FINCH consultants can come to your location to help you respond effectively, reduce damage caused and return to business operations as swiftly as possible.

Further information

Our consultants, risk analysts and training specialists are ready to help you mitigate and respond to today's complex security challenges. To contact us, please initially use the "Contact Form" on the "Contact Us" page, or alternatively e-mail us at All enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence and promptly processed by our dedicated and experienced team.

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