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English Language Training for Hotel Staff

Hotels are increasingly recognising the importance of all their staff having good English skills, so that guests receive courteous and efficient service at every stage of their stay. This course is designed for hotel and resort personnel whose first language is not English, but who need to communicate with English-speaking guests, visitors and colleagues in their day-to-day work.

The focus of the English for Hotel Workers course is on customer service English, as well as department-specific vocabulary. If trainees from the same department study in the same group then special attention can be given to the specific situations that they encounter in that department. If employees from different departments study together then the modules will be more general and will cover all areas.

Course objectives are:

  • To gain understanding of English terminology, vocabulary and phraseology related to the hospitality industry
  • To become more confident and fluent in speaking English in work-related contexts, with accurate pronunciation, intonation and rhythm
  • To focus on high-frequency lexis and structures used in the work environment
  • To develop listening skills to better understand English spoken by native speakers
  • To become familiar with telephone vocabulary
  • To develop reading and writing skills
  • To increase cross-cultural awareness and develop knowledge of British and American business and social etiquette

The course will provide a stimulating and interactive environment, utilising a variety of the following training methods:

  • Classroom lectures
  • Exercises
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Role plays to allow participants to practise and enhance communicative ability in the most realistic way possible
  • Regular assessments including Pre-Course and End of Course Tests

The course is available on demand anywhere in the world, at any time of year. We will send an instructor to conduct the training for group sizes of up to 30 trainees. Training can be scheduled for days, evenings or weekends to meet client needs.

We can also provide English language training courses for security personnel. These course focus on security questioning techniques and English language for security incidents and emergency situations.

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