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I.T. Security Services

When your information is protected, so is your reputation!

Hotel companies today rely on extensive I.T. infrastructure to deliver services effectively and efficiently. This introduces new and often hidden threats to information critical for corporate growth and success. MJFINCH fully understands the business and technological implications of the modern networked world, its risks, and the resulting balance of opportunity versus exposure. Our IT Security Team has the knowledge and essential experience needed to ensure clients can confidently take advantage of these opportunities while meeting the legal, commercial and corporate governance responsibilities demanded of company management today.

Security Testing

Regular testing of your network infrastructure and applications is integral to the smooth running of any business. MJ FINCH provides an expert, unbiased opinion each and every time.

  • MJ FINCH's Assurance Service encompasses all aspects of testing the security of applications based on SAP, Oracle, and many others.
  • Full coverage of PCI DSS testing requirements including wireless scan and test and recommended code review.
  • We deliver easy-to-understand reports, complete with recommendations and simple-to-follow advice and mitigation measures.
  • Protect your business with our range of comprehensive and accredited testing packages.

Managed Security

  • MJFINCH managed security services allow us to free up your resources and lighten your workload with our first-class range of management services.
  • Let MJFINCH specialists take tedious tasks off your hands and free up your time.
  • We are ready to step in at short notice to aid you with any management-related role
  • Regular testing of your networks, including PCI DSS ASV approved scanning, and managed applications security scanning gives you ongoing assurance that you remain protected from new vulnerabilities or human error.
  • Regular code review during your application development lifecycle reduces the cost of bug fixing by up to one hundred-fold. Our Managed Code Review pays for itself many times over.

Securing Technology

MJ FINCH has a range of security focused services that can assist you in the process of Securing Technology. Whether this is selecting technology appropriate for your business needs, ensuring security is embedded in your technology project lifecycle, the need to secure remote and mobile access, or lockdown of specific devices or servers, MJ FINCH's standard or bespoke tailored services can help you to achieve an optimum balance between maximising security and effective use of the technology.

  • Specialist security focused advice on integrating technology securely.
  • Ensure your Active Directory is fit for purpose with our Active Directory Audits covering both Active Directory Structure and Active Directory Permissions.
  • Minimise costs and improve return on investment by maximising use of your existing licences, including highly effective solutions for mobile and remote access.

Contact us now for high-value check-ups to maximise business return on investment and minimise duplication.

IT Security Consulting

Use our consulting services to assess where you stand in terms of information security.

  • Real value from a short and concise security audit using ISO 27002, to help you strike the balance between risk mitigation and business priorities.
  • Expert, independent assessment of the gap between your existing security management system and security standards using ISO 27001/2 gap analysis; and guidance on ISO 27001 transition to achieve compliance.
  • Building awareness and understanding of the issues through managed awareness programmes and delivery of training and education solutions and products.

I.T. Security Awareness Training Courses

MJFINCH Instructors are available to travel to countries anywhere in the world to assist clients with establishing I.T. security awareness training programmes. We look forward to assisting you with all your training needs.

How our I.T. security awareness training courses can help your business:

  • Protect your business assets
  • Reduce the costs and disruption of breaches by taking a more proactive approach to security
  • Reduce insurance premiums by minimising claims
  • Ensure your business meets its legal obligations to keep data safe and confidential
  • Avoid the damage to your reputation and credibility that security breaches cause
  • Improve customer confidence in your security systems and increase their willingness to do business with you

Further Information

Please don't hesitate to contact us, should you require any further information or wish to discuss your bespoke requirements.

To contact us, please initially use the "Contact Form" on the "Contact Us" page, or alternatively e-mail us at All enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence and promptly processed by our dedicated and experienced team.

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