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Suicide Bomber Threat Mitigation

The Suicide Bomber Threat to Hotels

Most security experts will tell you that a large hotel is a prime "soft" terrorist target. Suicide bombing is one of the most deadly and terrifying tactics that terrorists are using against hotels and other soft civilian targets worldwide. Suicide bombers often increase the effectiveness of their devices by adding nails, nuts and bolts or similar items to act as lethal shrapnel. (Some prefer to use the term "homicide bombing", rather than "suicide bombing", to emphasis that the primary objective of such acts is to commit mass murder).

Prevention of Suicide Bombing Incidents

MJ FINCH is able to provide hotels with specialist threat assessments and mitigation strategies for the suicide bomber threat. Our consultants have many years of experience in the planning of effective suicide bomber mitigation measures acquired from the military, police and security sectors.

We can advise hotel security personnel on the methods and means of mitigating the suicide bomber threat, through Profiling Techniques that aid identification of pre-attack surveillance and suicide terrorists; and provide procedures and technologies to help counter the threat. Terrorists will often be deterred by visible security arrangements and procedures which are seen to be effectively conducted.

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