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Hotel Security - The Need

Reputation damage to a hotel company through a terrorist attack or other critical incident can be catastrophic

Terrorists are increasingly switching their focus away from better protected targets like airports to "soft" targets like hotels. In the mindset of a terrorist, it would be difficult to design a target more attractive than a hotel. Major hotels are high-profile facilities where international businesspeople, tourists, VIPs and indigenous local elites congregate. The "horror factor" of a mass-casualty attack on a major hotel guarantees world-wide media attention and the publicity that terrorists crave.

Specific security threats that are of concern to hotels include:

  • Bomb attacks (e.g. hand-carried explosive devices, suicide bombers, car bombs)
  • Armed assaults (by terrorist teams or an individual active shooter)
  • Stand-off attacks (attacks from beyond facility perimeters using mortars, rockets, recoilless rifles, rifle-propelled grenades)
  • Biological agents introduced into food or beverages (e.g., anthrax, botulism, ricin),
  • Chemical agents introduced into enclosed areas or ventilation systems (e.g., chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals)
  • Kidnappings and hostage taking
  • Assassinations
  • Arson
  • Cyber attacks

In a worst case scenario your staff and guests could be killed or injured, and your premises destroyed or severely damaged in a terrorist attack, and this could have a devastating effect on your company's reputation (brand name).

MJ FINCH - Discreet and highly professional security services to hotels worldwide

We offer a range of professional security services to assist hotel operators in reducing and managing the risks to which they, and their employees, are exposed, including:

MJ FINCH consultants, risk analysts and training specialists are ready to help you mitigate and respond to today's complex security challenges.

Combining Security with Excellent Customer Service

We provide training on a wide range of hotel security subjects, including employee security awareness which is one of the hotel industry's greatest assets in the defence against criminality and terrorism. Our hotel employee security awareness training courses stress the importance of combining a positive and robust security culture with high standards of customer service and care. When a hotel's employees appreciate their vital role in maintaining a positive security culture, the result is a secure hotel with an excellent reputation!

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